Outdoor shot of Hotel Ideal Park Hotel staff load luggage onto a bus Indoor bus garage at Hotel Ideal Park Detail of the bus parking at the Hotel in Bolzano
An enchanted Hotel
In the heart of South Tyrol

Hotel for groups in South Tyrol

Tailor-made services and programme of activities

Ideal Park is the perfect Hotel for groups taking part in organized tours and vacations in South Tyrol.

We would be glad to arrange individual and personalized programs and customize our free time proposal according to your group, their members’ needs, age and specific requests, and of course according to the length of the stay.

Moreover, in our Hotel for groups in South Tyrol we offer and organize special "Theme-tours" (such as those to wine-cellars, rural parish-tours, hiking-groups etc.).

Contact us to have more info about it and to plan together the best vacation solutions for your groups holidays.

Unique: bus garage directly at the Hotel!

Our Hotel for groups has a large and convenient bus garage with direct access to the rooms.

Bus garage: Every kind of bus can access our parking garage, even the Megaliner (which measures 4 m in height and 15 m in length). If you're driving an extra-long bus or maybe a bus with hanger, the access will be easier coming from South. You don't have to lift or lower the bus. The front side of the garage is 4.20 m in height while the back side measures 3.65 m. The height is always marked, but please ask us if you're not sure about it.

Our bus garage has direct access to the Hotel. Departures in the morning, as well as arrivals in the evening, can always be made from our garage and not from the main entrance. This is much easier, for our guests, but also for the driver.

You have also the possibility to clean the bus in our garage. We just ask you not to clean it at the main entrance, but do it near the drain. Differentiated waste collection: For easier recycling, separate waste before disposal.

Bus garage:

  • Parking space for 4 buses max height 4.20 m
  • Parking space for 6 buses max height 3.65 m

Useful info for the bus driver