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Your place to be
in the heart of South Tyrol

A sensory journey awaits you in your wellness hotel in Bolzano

Fire, water, earth and air. The four elements of nature. Muffled sounds, perfumes, chromo therapy and relax.
You´ll find all of this in our city event sauna near Bolzano.

A sensory and wellness journey is waiting for you. Concede yourself a couple of hours of pure relax and let you pamper, maybe also with a massage.

From the great Event Sauna, to the ice waterfall, from the Biosauna to the Steam bath.  A true temple of well-being.
Everything is designed to promote harmony between host and environment.

A perfect place where the time seems to stop and every worry or stress will disappear, giving way to peace and serenity.
We are waiting for you.

Our sauna masters are at your disposal for any questions or to advise you on the best.


Biosauna or Herbal Bath, It is without a doubt the most pleasant cabin and is very popular with our female customers.
Characterized by a moist heat, never reaches high temperatures, but it creates in its interior a regenerating and purifying ambience.

Biosauna is suitable for everyone, even to those who for pathological reasons cannot fully enjoy the traditional sauna.

Temperature 50/60 Celsius degrees, Humidity 40/45 %.

Finnish Sauna

The finish sauna (Event Sauna) is a dry sauna, characterized by high temperatures.
It facilitates perspiration and therefore the elimination of toxic residues and wastes within the organism.
The blue color scheme of our Event Sauna recalls the colors of water and sky, making you feel a sense of calm and well-being.
It´s the sauna where, at scheduled time, the ritual of "Aufguss" or steam infusion is performed.
Temperature 80/90 Celsius degrees humidity 5/10%

Steam Bath

Steam bath it´s a cabin that reaches 50 Celsius degrees with a humidity approximately around 95/98% generating a steam cloud that wrap all your body.
The steam bath is a blessing to our body, it purifies the skin and organism as it favors the pore dilation and thus the elimination of toxins.
It is also a great cure for colds, heat and sweat decongest mucous membranes allowing to expel excess mucus.
Temperature 45/50 Celsius degrees, humidity 95/98%.

Aufguss, a magical moment, highlight of a sauna.

After seating guests in the sauna and explained the rules, the Aufguss master will pour down water and ice blended with essential oils on the brazier, which will be diffuse by the master by waving a towel throughout sauna.

Eleven minutes of music, perfumes and emotions which will help your body to regenerate and dream.

Body Peeling Inside Steam Bath

An ancient ritual that is used to purify the body and regenerate the skin.

Peeling, as known as gommage or scrub, cleanses the body from the impurities that deposited daily on the skin.

How does peeling work?

After seating guests in the steam bath and explained the rules, the master will spread the steam with a towel.

After some minutes, he will dispense some peeling mixture with Dead Sea salt, olive oil and essential oils that guests will apply themselves on their body.

At the end of the ritual your skin will be smooth, perfumed obtaining new vitality.