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It goes without saying: Your holiday here will leave a lasting impression. You create unforgettable memories, while we set the tone with our sustainability initiatives.

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Sustainable holiday in South Tyrol

We cook sustainably

Our kitchen team uses mainly fresh and seasonal ingredients from South Tyrol and other regions of Italy. Short delivery routes, more freshness! Only a few products come from the rest of Europe. Food from overseas, on the other hand, is very rarely on the table. Our chef Patrizio La Manna is especially attached to traditional Italian cuisine:  Out of respect for food, he uses all parts of fruit, vegetables, or animals whenever possible. This saves land for breeding and food production and avoids unnecessary waste. Also, our menu always includes vegetarian and some vegan dishes.

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Sustainable holiday in South Tyrol

We promote sustainable travel.

We love to see you also giving your car some time off. After all, your holiday destination is easy to reach via public transport. Once you arrive, you can enjoy free use of all local transport throughout South Tyrol from arrival to departure with your free Bolzano Card. Electric cars are another great way to travel in a more sustainable way. You can charge your vehicle for free around the clock at the safety sockets in our garage.

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We use our resources carefully.

When people are motivated, great savings can be made in the use of electricity, water, and supplies in hotels. And we’re really motivated! That’s why we’re implementing various measures, including the following:

  • Every room is heated and cooled autonomously. You can choose the temperature of your own room. Once you open the window, the heating/cooling system turns off automatically. That’s how you help us save energy.
  • When you leave the room, the electricity for TV and lighting switches off.
  • For longer stays, bed linen is only changed every four days.
  • Towels are only changed when you request it by leaving them on the floor.
  • Bathrobes and sauna towels are available at reception for an extra fee. That way, we only wash the items that actually need it.
  • Our modern pool filtration system takes into account hotel occupancy, weather, and temperature when backwashing the filters, ensuring optimal energy use.
  • Our infinity pool is heated using heat recovery from the kitchen cooling system.
  • The kitchen ventilation switches on automatically only above the hobs that are currently in use. The system switches off as soon as there are no pots on the hobs. This saves energy.
  • The new part of our hotel is lit up to 100% with LED technology, and the existing part up to 90%. The light in some rooms is also automatically dimmed depending on the amount of sunlight.

Other eco-friendly initiatives

  • We prefer to read newspapers in digital form on our Guestnet. Only one printed edition of each of the major daily newspapers is available at reception.
  • Speaking of Guestnet: That’s where you’ll find all important hotel information in digital format.
  • Our payment system will soon also be digital.
  • Rainwater is temporarily stored in containers and then slowly seeps into the ground. This supplies natural water sources and prevents flooding.
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