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A peaceful, calm atmosphere, soft background music, sweet scents: Let yourself be spoilt with a massage. The expert hands of our masseurs loosen your muscles and bring your body into a calm and relaxed state. They’ll recommend the best massage for you and focus on your personal needs.

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Relaxing massage | 20 min.
ca. 20 min. | €43.00

Slow and deep manual techniques for concentrated relaxation on the areas most in need.


Relaxing massage | 45 Min.
ca. 45 min. | €69.00

Slow and deep manual movements make this massage a 'classic' for all occasions. Whether it is to finish a day of work, to regain energy or simply to pamper yourself, it will give you new vigour.

Aromatherapy massage
ca. 45 min. | €69.00

A relaxing massage that helps relieve the tension thanks to the scent of essential oils and to the scalp treatment. You can choose your aromatic experience between more 'energizing' or 'relaxing' essences. You will awaken with the feeling of a new connection to yourself.

Massage with candles
ca. 45 min. | €74.00

A gentle flow of scented oil is distributed over the entire body with a soft, enveloping hand movement. Shea butter and coconut oil moisturise the skin, while light, warmth and aromas create an atmosphere of pure well-being.

Soothing pack and facial massage
ca. 30 min. | €47.00

A moment of pampering and pure relaxation. The soothing cream with chamomile and calendula extracts rebalance the skin barrier, leaving the skin soft and moisturised.

Hot stone massage | 30 min. back or legs
ca. 30 min. | €59.00

The warmth of the stones helps to gently release the accumulated tension, relaxing body and mind. The treatment can also be an excellent starting point for a sports-decontracting massage.

Hot stone massage | 60 min. full-body massage
ca. 60 min. | €94.00

Ideal treatment for those who want to pamper themselves and to gently relax. The warmth of the stones that spreads throughout the body totally regenerates mind and spirit.

Sports-decontracting massage (back or legs) | 20 Min.
ca. 20 min. | €47.00

An energizing and invigorating massage focused on the most critical areas. It helps to improve circulation and relieves the muscle tension. For a greater effect, cups can be used.

Sports-decontracting massage | 45 min.
ca. 45 min. | €83.00

An energizing and invigorating massage that helps to improve circulation and relieve muscle tension throughout the body. Suitable for anyone who feels the need to loosen up. For a greater effect, cups can be used.

Regeneration massage with arnica (back or legs)
ca. 45 min. | €79.00

An invigorating and relaxing massage, in which the chosen area is also worked on with the help of small cups and wooden instruments. To complete the feeling of well-being, an oil with arnica montana extract is used.

Relaxing leg massage
ca. 20 min. | €48.00

A massage aimed at relieving the feeling of heaviness and help to improve circulation. It gives lightness and new energy.

Alpine Herbs body scrub and massage
ca. 75 min. | €99.00

The scrub with hay and apricot flowers deeply cleanses the skin, making it softer and brighter, preparing it for the benefits of a relaxing massage.


Foot massage with peeling
ca. 30 min. | €45.00

Treatment aimed at relaxing and energizing the feet. A gentle exfoliation with a copper glove is accompanied by a relaxing massage with a cooling cream.

You & Me relax massage
ca. 45 min. | €149.00

on request

You & Me Aromatherapy massage
ca. 45 min. | €149.00

on request

You & Me candle massage
ca. 45 min. | €169.00

on request

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