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Activities for your Family Vacation in Bolzano

Do you want to enjoy summer or winter day experiencing discovery and fun with you children? Whether you will be staying for few days or longer holidays, Bolzano area can offer you a vast variety of activities to do during your free time.
Thanks to the Bolzano Card, you can enjoy many services for free.

Renon all year around

The Renon cable car is situated at 5 minutes from Bolzano train station and takes you to the Renon Plateau in 12 minutes. Right at the exit of the cable car, you can then take the panoramic electric little train that takes you to Collalbo. As alternative option to it, you can stroll all around the Costalovara Lake and visit the apiculture museum near to the lake.

During Christmas time Renon as well has its own Christmas Market

private saving pro person: 19,00 €

Val Sarentino in summer

With the cable car you car reach the mountain area Pichlberg. You can join the guided excursion on "via delle Saghe" (to booked in advance) or simply hiking with your children. Or you can reach Sarentino by cable car an go on foot to the "Urleisteig". The starting point is easily reached with the Reinswald gondola. A hike on the Urleisteig is an experience for all the family. The children can hunt, scramble, clim on the giant dragonfly and search for the right way in the mountain pine labyrinth.

private saving pro person: 15,00 €

Val Sarentino in winter

You can reach the mountain area Pichlberg by cable car. With registration you can join the guided snowshoes hike. Would you like to have fun with sledges? A loong sledge trak is waiting for you to make your ride even more fun.

private saving pro person: 15,00 €

Castel Roncolo

open all year

The castle was built in 1237 by brothers Friedrich and Beral von Wangen. A century later, brothers Niklaus and Franz Vintler, member of a very wealthy family of salesmen, bought the castle and painted with secular frescos.

The castle keeps the vastest collection of secular frescos of the medieval time.

Private saving pro person: 8,00€

Bolzano and its museums

The Ötzi Museum

open all year - closed on Monday

Known for hosting the Similaun Mummy. In its 1,200 square meters of exhibition rooms, it documents on three floors the chalcolithic mummy "Tyrolean Iceman" (nicknamed "Ötzi") and the artifacts found with him.

private saving pro person: 9,00€

The Natural Science Museum

open all year - closed on Monday

Is the one and only natural science museum and collection center of South Tyrolean nature elements in the whole province of Bolzano.

It´s permanent exhibition offers the opportunity to closely learn about history, biology and culture of one of the most variegated regions. As well as learn about birth and conformation of its unique landscape of mountains and valleys and it´s natural environmental diversity.

private saving pro person: 5,00 €

The Messner Mountain museum:

opening season - closed in winter

The center of the museum circuit founded by Reinold Messner, is located inside the old walls  of  the Firmian Castle, this was made possible thanks a modern structure of glass and iron. The route goes along the towers, the courtyards and the halls of the Castle offering the Visitors a global vision of the mountain universe. artworks, paintings, historical relics and antiquities telling the close connection between the man and the mountains, the orogeny and his undoing, the bond about mountains and religion, the majesty of the most famous peaks worldwide, the history of climbing from the beginning till today.

private saving pro person: 10,00 €