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Sauna in Bolzano: Advice, advantages and remarks

In order to guarantee your organism a complete relaxation in our saunas in Bolzano, you should follow some simple rules. Here you will find some curiosities, advice and remarks to better understand the world of sauna.

Why do you have to enter the sauna without swimwear?

Basically for the tissue in which the swimsuits are made of: synthetic fibers. Several studies showed that synthetic swimsuit, above temperatures of 42 degrees Celsius, release micro particles of fabric and color. In contact with the skin, especially in sensitive areas like private parts, it may cause severe irritation or eczema and block the skin perspiration. Toxic nanoparticles are also released into the air, which the body absorbs by inhalation. Most of the substances that end up in the lungs have easy access to the bloodstream and can thus reach every part of the body quickly.

That’s the reason why you do have to enter the sauna without swimwear.

By the way, no one forces you to enter naked in the sauna. It´s enough to have two large cotton towels (better if not colored) and use one of it to wrap your body and the other one to lay completely on the bench, no part of the body must be in direct contact with the wood.

Why do you have to enter the steam bath without towel?

Because the high concentration of humidity (95-98%) promotes the proliferation of fungal and bacterial infections on the towel in contact with the genitals. Rinse well the marble bench before sitting and before leaving the steam bath.

The marble benches are regularly treated to prevent the survival of fungi and bacteria.

Why do microfiber towels be forbidden?

They are forbidden because they are also made from synthetic fibers, as well as for swimwear, it release toxic micro particles that may cause severe irritation or eczema and block the skin perspiration.

At high temperatures, then, the color tends to irreversibly stain the benches.

Before you entry in the sauna, please read and respect the following rules.

  1. Do not enter in the sauna with empty stomach or immediately after eating
  2. Enter the sauna undressed
  3. Before entering in the sauna take a shower to remove bacteria that can reproduce quickly in hot environments
  4. Prior the sauna, dry your body well (dry skin sweats better)
  5. The sauna is to relax - for that, relax you
  6. Take your towel on the bench where you sit. No parts of the body should touch the wooden benches.
    Note: warm air goes upwards, so it is warmer on the higher benches. For beginners it is recommended to sit low or on the intermediate benches
  7. It is forbidden to use colored towels and / or microfiber because the microfiber-towels have already lost their color on our sauna benches.
  8. You may not use personal oils or essences
  9. Do not throw water or ice on the stoves
  10. To beware swindle stand up the last two minutes and move your legs, so it helps the blood circulate
  11. Think about your health! Get out of the sauna in time if you do not feel well
  12. The sauna takes between 8 and 12 minutes, but no longer than 15 minutes
  13. Do not go into the sauna during “Aufguss”
  14. To get some air, it is recommended to stay at least 2 minutes outdoors
  15. After leaving the sauna, always take a shower
  16. If you want to relax, than you can move in the relax area
  17. The entrance to the sauna is only permitted to adults

If you don’t feel comfortable being completely naked, you can enjoy the Family Sauna.

The Family Sauna is located at the pool side, the temperature is not high and is accessible to adults and children wearing swimming costume.