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Your place to be
in the heart of South Tyrol

Let yourself be pampered by a massage in our wellness area!

The massage area of our spa is characterized by a pleasant atmosphere, with soft background music and soft light from scented candles. The manipulations of our expert masseurs will restore tone and vigour to all muscles, releasing muscle tension and bringing your body to a state of calm, serenity and tranquility.

Our masseurs will listen to your individual needs and will always be ready to advise you on the best treatment for you.


Relax Massage

Slow and deep manual skills alternating with swiping and windings, make this massage a "classic" for every occasion. Whether it´s ending of a work day, for recharging energies or just to give yourself a cuddle. 

20 min. 36,00 Euro
45 min. 58,00 Euro

Sport Massage

A "power" massage aimed at the back or legs. The muscles and joints are stimulated with different techniques in speed and intensity, helping to loosen tensions and feel at greater ease. 

20 min. 39,00 Euro

Aromatherapic Massage

A sweet and enveloping massage that helps to ease tensions in synergy with aromas of pure essential oils. You can choose your aromatic experience between a revitalizing alpine herb oil or a lavender and citrus one. You will wake up with the feeling of a new connection with yourself.

45 min. 59,00 Euro


Candle Massage

A delicate flow of dense and fragrant oli is widespread over the entire body with fluid and enveloping manual skills. Karitá butter and coconut oil moisturize the skin in depth, while light, warmth and aromas create an atmosphere of pampering at every levels.

45 min. 69,00 Euro

Peeling in the massage cabin

An exfoliation that regenerates and gives brightness

At time of booking you can choose between

  • Salts of the Dead Sea and sweet orange: prepares the skin to recive subsequent beauty treatments, maximinzing the effect
  • Sugar and mandarin: a more delicate action with emollient, revitalizing and anti-age effect

The treatment ends with a pleasant moisturizing body milk massage

45 min. 59,00 Euro

Rules during the massage

For comfort issues, either by the guest that by the masseur, please cover the private parts with disposable pant which will be provided by our qualified staff, otherwise you can wear your own underwear or swimsuit.

The masseur will ensure that private areas are properly covered by a towel and he will only uncover the massage area.

Contraindications to massage:

  • skin diseases
  • inflammations
  • fever
  • allergic manifestations
  • contagious diseases
  • very overweight ( over 130 kg)
  • pregnancy (last 3 months)
  • recently given birth

Report immediately to our staff any feelings of pain or uneasiness.

You can reach the wellness area with comfortable clothes. A bathrobe and bathing shoes are the most suitable clothing for our Spa.

Please arrive at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time of treatment.


Please book your massages in advance, so that we can guarantee your desired time. Contact us – we are glad to inform you! Our staff is available at every moment.

Since something can always happen and in order to schedule appointments with precision, we ask you to cancel any treatments already scheduled with at least 24 hours notice. Otherwise we reserve the right to charge 100% of the price of the booked treatment.