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Your place to be
in the heart of South Tyrol

Let yourself be pampered by a massage in our wellness area!

The massage area of our spa is characterized by a pleasant atmosphere, with soft background music and soft light from scented candles. The manipulations of our expert masseurs will restore tone and vigour to all muscles, releasing muscle tension and bringing your body to a state of calm, serenity and tranquility.

Our masseurs will listen to your individual needs and will always be ready to advise you on the best treatment for you.

Also children accompanied by their parents are allowed to take massages, until their parents stay with them the whole time.

Relax Massage

Active energy released by essential oils such as orange, lemon and lavender are the perfect combination of essences for an amazing relaxing massage.

Soothing scents will give you deep relaxation for body and mind.

20 min. 35,00 Euro
45 min. 57,00 Euro

Sport Massage

The synergy of essentials oils from mountain herbs are helpful to relax your muscles. The perfect massage for active, sporty and healthy people. The relaxant effect of this synergy enhances the ideal ambience for a deep massage.

20 min. 35,00 Euro

Alps Herbs-Oil Massage

100% of the best pure essential oils from the Alps and the distinctive alpine scent acts to soothe any kind of discomfort in your body.

20 min. 35,00 Euro
45 min. 57,00 Euro

Shooting relaxing massage: Ancient Tibet

Tibetan bells' smooth vibrations, played by skillfully hands are the ultimate connection to our warm oil full-body massage.Rejoin to your inner self with harmony.

45 min. 59,00 Euro

Candle Massage

Four precious scents are unlocked. A magical moment that intensifies the beneficial effects of this massage.
Abandon yourself to the marine breeze of Water, to the exciting bouquet of Air, to the sensual warmth of fire, to the spicy fragrances of Earth, raspberry, alpine herbs, vanilla, arnica and alpine herbs, white grapes or bio canapa. The best gifts of nature molded into candles to heal your body and soul. Flames melting into precious, selected fragrances to tone, moisturize and nourish your skin with this deep healing massage.

45 min. 69,00 Euro

Peeling in the massage cabin

The hot shower prepares the body for peeling and open the skin-pores. Then our collaborators apply the peeling with a light massage, which will last about 10 minutes.

The peeling can be chosen in two different fragrances:

  • Fragrance 1: sugar and mandarin
  • Fragrance 2: salts of the Dead Sea and sweet orange

This peeling eliminated the superficial layer of the skin and the treatment ends with a hot shower. At the end is applied a body lotion with a massage lasting about 20 minutes that will give new vitality to your skin.

45 min. 59,00 Euro

Rules during the massage

For comfort issues, either by the guest that by the masseur, please cover the private parts with disposable pant which will be provided by our qualified staff, otherwise you can wear your own underwear or swimsuit.

The masseur will ensure that private areas are properly covered by a towel and he will only uncover the massage area.

Contraindications to massage:

  • skin diseases
  • inflammations
  • fever
  • allergic manifestations
  • contagious diseases
  • very overweight ( over 130 kg)
  • pregnancy (last 3 months)
  • recently given birth

Report immediately to our staff any feelings of pain or uneasiness.

You can reach the wellness area with comfortable clothes. A bathrobe and bathing shoes are the most suitable clothing for our Spa.

Please arrive at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time of treatment.


Please book your massages in advance, so that we can guarantee your desired time. Contact us – we are glad to inform you! Our staff is available at every moment.

Since something can always happen and in order to schedule appointments with precision, we ask you to cancel any treatments already scheduled with at least 24 hours notice. Otherwise we reserve the right to charge 100% of the price of the booked treatment.